Gujarat Studies Association

The Gujarat Studies Association (GSA), established in 2005, is an academic network aimed specifically at the study and research of Gujarat and Gujaratis. The Gujarat Studies Association was co-founded by Dr. Anjoom Mukadam and Dr. Sharmina Mawani in May 2005 and is supported by Mr. Alnoor Visram who is a member of the Executive Board.

GSA’s Patron is Lord Professor Bhikhu Parekh and the GSA Advisory Board include:

Professor Raymond Williams (Wabash College), Professor Christopher Shackle (SOAS), Professor Itesh Sachdev (SOAS), Professor Azim Nanji (Stanford) and Professor Rachel Dwyer (SOAS).


The objectives of GSA are:

1) To advance the education of the public regarding the Gujarati language and culture


2) To promote racial harmony and promote good race relations between persons from different racial groups



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